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    Wim Hof and Alistair Overeem

    Does anyone know which video Joe is referring to when he said Overeem is training with Hof? I remember seeing a video of what looked to be Overeem's house and Overeem sitting in a pool with Hof watching over him, but I can't find it anymore. If anyone can help direct me to it, I would be very grateful! Thanks!

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    Wim hof episode lol. Wim tells him about working with the reem.

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    Around 24 min:

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    Sweet! Thank you!!

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    no school in the area
    R'dam , Den Haag
    I've been attending a seminar wim hof, at first very skeptical, I new him out of the programs in Netherlands and as Dutch resident i often want to see first and then believe. So I thought I must go. Since then am in full surrender to the meditation and breathing techniques. Many focus on the mind because it is the most powerful. And i'm also in full
    remission of my leukimia !
    Watch the episode with rhonda patrick it's awesome


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