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    V.A.S. Arashi

    Visiting 10th Planet Headquarters in Juli

    Dear people,

    I'm fairly new to this place.

    I'm planning to come over July 2016 and train at the headquarters for a month intensively. I have the luck to be extremely flexible. I have been doing a more traditional form of Jiu-Jitsu in Holland for 2 years at that point (2 times a week) and I love the ground-game. But we don't spend nearly enough time there as far as I am concerned.

    There are a couple of questions I would be interested in.

    - I've found a place on Airbnb for about 600$(little less) total 15 minutes away from the headquarters(by car). Does anyone have advice on what kind of traffic I should endorse? I'm fairly used to riding a bike in the Netherlands where I live but I am not aware of safety over there in LA. Should I rent a car?
    - What is the cheapest ways to do groceries? What are good places?
    - I am fairly unsure about asking this question but how far could I get? I really shouldn't care at all but I plan in training basically as much as a months worth of membership allows me. I really don't care, the belt is just a symbol but I am pretty unsure about the learning curve and the size of the curriculum. Like how much is there to learn?
    - Is there other stuff about LA I should know about before going there?
    - If the Airbnb thing doesn't work out, does anyone know another good place to stay that doesn't cost me a fortune?

    My ground game isn't at all that good. Sometimes I try to mess around a bit with the rubberguard since I can easily put both legs behind my head and gogoplata myself with my own shin.

    I'm really stoked about experiencing the 10th planet system!

    Great meeting you!


    Robert Fennis
    From the Netherlands
    (Where you can get your pod 100ft away from the grocerystore)

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    HerbChao's Avatar

    Aspiring 10th Planet Fans/Alpha Tae Kwon Do
    New England
    Airbnb def is a good way to go, there are a couple hotels near the area (I know Riley and her Dad Dennis in the past will just stay at a nearby hotel cause they don't to chance getting along with any airbnb host, but in my experience most of them are wicked chill).

    In terms of traffic, I rented a car the two weeks I was out at HQ this past Aug. I can't comment on the parking at the current location of HQ (it moved since the time I was down in Aug) but the area around as a whole u should be able to find a spot for relatively cheap in the evening.

    The system (and jitsu) as a whole is VERY deep. Obv don't worry about the belt, I would say for the time you're out there just be a sponge and soak it all up. If u're on a complete one month vaca I'd say train both morning and night classes when you can, and be sure to rehydrate, eat, and nap between if u can (that's what I did for the most part).

    Also, the heat may take getting used def drink fluids as often as u can. If u like the occasional beer (like I do) be sure to drink water too in conjunction.

    Those are the things I can think of travels and enjoy!!!!

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    10th Planet Boulder
    Traffic in LA will surprise you. "15 minutes by car" can take an hour.


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