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    Am i too weak to fight the average male?

    So, just for context, I'm a really small, untrained guy that is super obsessed with Jiu-Jitsu. I'm 17, 54kg (117lbs) and about 171cm (5 '6). Now because of my current situation, I can't train 10P BJJ yet but I do intend to do so soon. So instead I go to youtube and learn what I can to apply it to my much stronger friends when I get the chance to roll with them. The thing is, even with all my intellectual understanding of the system and my trust in it, I just know, if they wanted to absolutely murder me, they could. For example, my friend who goes to the gym and is about 75kg (165lbs) and the same height as me, when placed inside my (rather crappy) rubber guard, manages to always stand up instantly and lift me off the ground. If this was a street encounter, he could just slam me and I'd be done for.

    Now, I know that BJJ is painted as a martial art that allows for small weak men like me to overcome the odds and defeat larger stronger opponents. But is there a point where technique isn't enough and strength is what determines a win or a loss? Cause I don't want to think I could somewhat handle myself in an altercation when in reality I could get absolutely dismantled.


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