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    How can I see EBI behind the scene videos?

    I became a big fan of Eddie a few years ago through the JRE podcast and I attended EBI 11. I really like the evolution of the ground videos that Eddie has.

    These kind of videos I find really fascinating, I also really like the videos where Eddie explains the overtime rules like this

    I own UFC Fight Pass but I can't find any behind the scene videos. It seems like there is a lot of behind the scene footage, how can I watch it? Eddie Bravo explaining the over time rules for all the EBI's and just seeing everyone hang out would be cool to see.

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    EOTG is pretty much a behind the scenes type show
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    You are right, I guess I just want to see more backstage footage since I find it interesting. I'm a big EBI fan, I've seen a few EBI press conferences that I found on youtube or facebook like this.

    I saw this on budovideo which I thought was cool

    Maybe I am looking in the wrong places but these kind of videos are hard to find. In my opinion seeing when you explain the EBI rules is pretty hilarious too, this is probably my favorite part.

    I remember on youtube I saw you explaining the EBI rules while John Danaher was there and that was cool to see but I can't find it anywhere. But best of luck to you though Eddie, I will be attending the Lightweights in October for sure, and I hope your knee recovers.


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