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    CBD for recovery recommendations.

    Ive been reading a lot of the benefits of CBD oil for recovery and want to give it a shot. Do any of you have a good recommendation for natural CBD oil (without additives) that isn't an arm and a leg per bottle? There is so much out there, it would be helpful to hear some of your thoughts. Thank you, and sorry if this has been discussed already.

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    Hey whats up brother, i'm sponsored by a company called Vape Bright and its pure CBD 100 percent organic hemp oil. I use it all the time and it helps with a ton of stuff, especially inflammation. Use the Promo Code Finishers for 10 percent off. Peep the website
    twitter: @10thplanetbtown
    NOW WE GO!

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    Here you go my friend - I've been using this oil for quite a while and it seems to be the best in terms of quality and price. Give it a try

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    Does it work really?.
    I mean... i used it one time, only one time, and Im not sure if was real or more psychological.
    There are a ton of products out there promissing you being the philosophical rock... and are more trend than other thing... kale, fish oil, quinoa, glucosamine...
    I would like to know your objetive opinion outside sponsors and trends.

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    My gym has terphouse. I been taking it for 3 months. The cost is just to much. I dont fill a lot from it. Still sore, stressed, same focus, and so on. This is just my option take it with a grain of salt.

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    I'm in the cannabis business and can tell you CBD works for some people, and not for others.
    I personally look at the ability to "rest / sleep" as the most important tool for recovery.
    My suggestion is to try CBD and if it does not work, try a 50/50 blend (CBD/THC).
    That's the ticket for me.
    Good luck.

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    I take cbd everyday under the tongue just for preventive purposes
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    Cbd is a very good way to recovery. Really nice medicine and I am very happy that people started to develop it. I have problems such as insomnia and anxiety. I use this tasty cbd vape oils. It is comfortable way to intake. When my doctor wrote that i have to use cbd, my first question was if I can vape it. He answered-"Why not?". It is a really comfortable way to use cbd


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