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    The Colosseum - Denmark, Århus

    Fighting under the 10P banner

    Hey guys,
    I have have had this question on my mind for quite a long time now, so now i thought it was time to ask the forum. I have been wondering, when a person can say that they are fighting under the 10th planet banner.

    I train in a gym in Denmark, the gym is primarily a muay thai gym. However, we do have a grappling team. My coach had been tought by a bjj black belt for about one and a half year. The black belt left the gym though, and my coach then started teaching the grappling class. When i came along, he had been taching the class for about 2-3 years. Which ment, he had about 4 years of experience. That is two years ago now.

    That means that we have done a lot of research on our own, and find our own path. The online material from the 10th planet gyms all over the world, have had a huge influence. The truck, rubber guard and spiderweb have become key components in our games. Personally, that means i have identified with the 10th planet style and mindset.

    But, i have never bought any of the 10th planet merch (even though it's dope af), due to the fact, that i am not from a 10th planet moon. I have also never used any of the handsigns. Would it be wrong to buy and compete in 10th planet merch, when i have never trained at a 10th planet moon? I would love to represent, but i do not want to be an imposter

    P.S. Sorry if my english is bad, not a native speaker
    Regards, a big fan of the 10th planet family


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