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    Any Holy Grail enthusiasts up in this bitch?

    Bravo seems game for spreading dangerous information and boy do i have some! You see i accidentally found and fell madly in love with the Last Scion of the Holy Bloodline of Yeshua and his wife Mary of Magdala, the reformed sorceress (NOT A FUCKING HOOKER as some medieval pope took it upon himself to declare the wife of his Lord and saviour a common whore.) She was pregnant with His child at the crucifixion and fled Jerusalem once it was clear that Peter was intent on usurping control of the early church from Mary. Joseph of Arimathea helped her get from Egypt to France where she gave birth to a baby girl. Upon reaching marrying age she married into House Merovee' and the Merovingian Dynasty was born and ruled over France for decades. When the vatican decided they were strong enough, they turned on the Templars whose duty it was to protect that Bloodline at all costs. Now where i pick up the story on my prelude, the Templar fleet that had managed to escape being tortured to confess to satan worship and blasphemies before being burned at the stake. They managed to reach the shores of what is now North Carolina where they were soon met by the wary Cherokee natives who inhabited the area. After much debate and heated arguments for and against the tribe accepting the small child into their group, their shaman put his foot down and agreed to take the child into his own family. Eddie needs to have me on and scoop Rogan and a. jones and coast2coast am and anybody else who claims to be on the cutting edge of the truth cuz what I have discovered is going to shake the very foundations of rome and rewrite how we look at Jesus Christ as a man, as a human being.


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