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    How does your school teach?

    I was thinking about the way different BJJ gyms can go about their teaching methods.

    For example, the teaching method at my gym is very organized and methodical. We train 1 set of techniques per month, all centered around one aspect of a certain position. For example, we'll have a month for the electric chair, where we'll go over whipping to both sides, the electric chair submission, the sweep, and stoner control. Another month may be spent also around the lockdown, but around 3 dogfight sweeps, etc etc.

    We typically warm up for the first 15 minutes, Go over technique for a total of 15 minutes, drill said techniques for 30-45, and free train for 30-15.

    We also do testing on the last Thursday night and Wednesday morning of every month, for both fundamental and advanced classes. You need 8 days of class minimum for advanced to test, and 6 for fundies. If you don't test, you don't get promoted.

    So how does your school teach? Do you have a competition/pro team that has a different system? What do you like about the way your school does things?

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