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    Insert yo mamma joke here

    A product of war!

    The American Life style is made possible by war and the military industry. Without the American Fighting soldier, without the military industrial complex, there is no America as all the citizens know it. The stores and products become highly inflated price, the gas prices soar. Think about all the products that are made possible by America being the way it is. I think many who claim to be anti war are clueless, because they will complain when the flow of products stop. They have no clue how the world really is and many have become delusional with their rights and opinions! Resources! You think the rest of the world just want to sell to America fuck no! There are people who will pay more, there is hate for the jaded lives of the American citizens, that many will deny, but is real! A boom made it so the USA could push it's weight around to give it's citizens a cushy trash producing life. Men and women have to go into other countries with guns to keep you in semi affordable gas, and products. Eventually China and the rest of the world is going to get tired of the bully… all these liberals and Republicans sitting at home talking like they know shit… THEY KNOW NOTHING!!! ITS ALL HIDDEN FROM YOU! We saw what American public opinion did in Vietnam! All these stupid protesters cowards think they won their war and brought the troops home fuck no… those protestors killed more American GI then the fucking VC! With their bullshit opinions, their social justice crap! College kids with nothing to do and pussy that was not very informed! Baby killers they would yell all sorts of shit! They have no idea what that war was like. They sat at home watching TV without context thinking that these painted stories were what was real some fucking parasite reporter trying to get an Emmy while helping the VC kill the boys who were given a number and thrown in the jungle! Wake up, delusional media, the rest of the world would shoot y'all in the mother fucking head for you one sided bullshit stories… your lives depend on the American military might, on the newclear arsenal! And there is only so much resources. When the fish hit a ponr point of no return, and the other countries come into American fishing zones( they already do and we go in theirs) boom people love fish enough to kill. China has, Africa on lockdown! American companies go to China for those resources that China gets from Africa through whatever means… one day China is going to be like fuck you, your country is responsible for destroying China, your hostile business tactics all the bulling, they will be like you might have helped liberate us from Japan BUT for what, you have devistated our country more then Japan ever did! Eventually the lies of media and college, and below 12grade school will be seen through. Lies of words can only keep relative peace for so long then it boils and is worse than ever!

    Think about what all these stupid college kids will do and say when he get in a world war and have drafts and if they don't want to fight (pussy bitches will throw over a word, for the pussy! What will they do when their lives n families lives are on the chopping block!) The rest off the world wants American soil to see the destruction of war. They have been the grounds of war while, we USA citizens enjoy the spoils! Think of all those antifa punks when paratroopers and shit storm America! You think red Dawn is real, all these country folk is gonna defeat an army that held the 48th parallel against hardened vets of WW2! Russia! USA conceded to Russia after WW2 they didn't want to fight their asses, Russians raped the fuck out of the women on the wrong side of German lines! The only thing that stopped ghenghis Khans armies from wiping Europe was his death, his wife stabbed him after he said her dad hasn't paid the tith--tribute I'm gonna destroy that shit… stupid bitch killed him and his army's left Poland to return for the funeral and the only thing they could agree on besides, not killing the children of that wife, (his other son stopped that) is razing he city of her father and giving her a shitty as death! Fuck bitch your dad would have had a chance before, that city doesn't exist period now, they. Did this with many a city, you can't find shit...they gone, just words now. Look at our jaded lives… we play war many of our enemies make us look like a Barney show. Even the hood ain't got shit on their hardship and ass kicking. All these idiots divided in America. Doomed, at some point it's too late. Libral conservative, black mail and threats of newclear disaster n shit only work so long! Fuck bruh… how many people do you think will join the attackers just as a fuck you to the rest or to keep thier families feed. It happens. Some of us have had shitty lives in America surrounded by those who have, rich people shitting all over them. Middle class shitting all over them and workers shitting all over them… America is a different kind of fucked up. And these other countries, they have shitty lives to and mostly it's those who have the shitty lives that fight the wars. Looting is a favorite pastime of any soldier in war! Rules don't exist for many when. They're deep in the shit and your bro has his head on the wall and your mom's n sisters gonna be passed around.

    But I guess USA has all them newclear devices and most the world is all about that cash and they love the USD, so perhaps I'm just ranting. I'm crazy, I got ringing in my ears 24hr a day, fucking heavy metal music bruh. No ear plugs n guns, blowing shit up on the 4tb of July… happy 4th.


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