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    Epstein was NOT murdered

    Iím a GS7 step 6 correctional officer at a Federal Correctional Complex. Iíve been training Jiu-jitsu since March. My gym is a Trujitsu affiliate. Like many, I got into Jiu-jitsu after listening to Eddie on Joe Roganís podcast. Iím only a 2 stripe white belt and Iím not great at Jiu-jitsu, yet, but I am subscribed to MTS and watch it a few hours a day. I have a great deal of respect for Eddie Bravo. He seems like a cool and down to earth guy.

    I say all this for context and to show anyone who cares that Iím a real person. Iím a low-level, correctional officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have worked Special Housing Units at multiple institutions and understand how SHUs and Federal Prisons operate. There is NO WAY someone snuck into a SHU and killed Epstein. If anyone is interested, Iíll go over the reasons why Epstein almost certainly killed himself. I donít want to make this post too long or no one will read it. Iím not sure if Eddie will read this but I doubt anyone with my particular experience will speak to him candidly.

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