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    No school yet, but interested in MyBJJ
    Dunedin, New Zealand

    Guy with drop foot disability interested in BJJ

    Hi 10th Planet.

    I am someone who has a drop foot injury associated with a bone cancer i had removed when i was 19. A long story short, about 45% of my lower right leg was removed during the surgery to remove the cancer. This included the main nerve, ligaments, muscles and tendons and approximately half of my right fibula bone because the Surgeons wanted to get wide margins to make sure the cancer was gone.

    I have also had ligament transfer surgery to stabilize my right foot, which means that my drop foot isn't as pronounced as it once was., but i am quite protective over my leg now as i am sure you can imagine.

    My main question to you all is this.

    Can i train in BJJ? and are there any ways i can protect my ankle/drop foot from accidental injury.

    Kind regards from New Zealand.


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    People train with all types of issues. Unfortunately, injuries can happen to anyone but having good/aware training partners helps.


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