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    Hey All,

    I haven't posted on the Forum in a minute. I'm assuming we've all heard of the IBJJF and Jiu-Jitsu Globetrotters situation that unfolded last week. Essentially the IBJJF banned competitors from registering under the Globetrotters affiliation, due to them essentially using a loophole in order to assist those who don't have a home gym by registering them for IBJJF events under the Globetrotters umbrella. Those who know IBJJF can definitely speak to any deeper conspiracies.

    Either way, I wanted to:
    (1) see who has/will register for the Belt checker site (which was created many months ago by someone within Globetrotters to provide another system to "verify" and database ranks)
    (2) suggest that those who do create an account, which is free, assist those who aren't verified so that we may all support the system within that platform
    (3) curious about what people think of the idea of another alternative system that anyone could go to in order to "confirm" the rank of practitioners.

    While obviously it a relatively new system and has a lot of room of improvement and potential (ie. verification is definitely a process), I'm curious about it development and am willing to hop along to see how it grows.

    Note: No I am not a secret investor or leader of the site, but am all for expanding and connecting the jiu-jitsu community.

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    Back in the old, old , old days there was one site that actually showed the lineage of every living BJJ black belt! Was a really cool
    Thing and one only possible in the OG era ( early to mid 2000’s). BJJ needs a service like this for 2020 and beyond, so I’m all for it!


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