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    We Are Ronin (Near Koblenz, Germany)

    DIY: Look at my Basement! (+ Showcase: Elevated Apollo Choke)

    Sup Ninjas,

    after having 9 tatami in my basement for quite some time and not really having trained on them i thought it would be time to step it up, tear down that useless wall, tidy up, install new lights and get another 9 tatami.

    since im done, i can't get my friends to leave this place and since we are huge 10thP fanboys we even made a lookalike logo for the ultimate 10thP feeling in my basement

    Basement before:
    Basement now:

    We even came up with a funny variation of the beloved apollo choke

    +it looks cool
    +blood rushes into your head, the choke becomes instantly nasty

    -won't work on guys that are much bigger


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