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    Is anybody training in South Carolina?

    I recently moved back to South Carolina after training at 10th Planet Santa Fe for 8 or 9 months and I want to continue training the system. There are plenty of great gyms here but I have really fallen in love with 10th Planet. I'm looking for anybody around Greenville to train with.

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    Coeur D'alene, Idaho
    Hey man,
    I live in Duncan, not far from Greenville. I've been here for about three years now. Used to train at 10P Springfield in Oregon. You should come train with me. During the week I train at Revolution Martial Arts in Boiling Springs and on Sundays I teach a class at Absolute Martial Arts in Greer. Feel free to drop into either place.
    How long have you been in SC?

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    10th Planet Greenville
    Hey Andreas! Not sure if you're still in SC... but they just opened one up in Greenville: let me know if you plan to visit! I go to the 10am MWF usually, there's also a 630pm every weekday


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