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    Twister Side questions

    In MTS 132, Arm Triangle from Bottom it states not to turn into Twister Side when top guy has been put in Lockdown from bottom. However, there are a bunch of early MTS videos that show turning into lockdown for TSP and then using your legs to unhook the Lockdown and then proceeding to Leg Battle > Pass. Should we bag this method and simply not turn into TS and instead use other passes such as Dominator or No Hands instead, or does the early way still work? 2. Early MTS shows step 1 of Twister Side getting a knee hook with your free arm, which then gets pulled out and turns into knee control to clear the trapped knee. I see this knee hook step skipped nowadays going right to knee control. Has the knee hook also been bagged? Thanks for any help!

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    I can't speak to the second question about knee control with the free arm, but as for turning into Twister Side from top half when they have you in the lockdown: If I'm in top half with the underhook, I am chasing a no hand pass or dominator pass. If / when they get the underhook, I'm instantly sitting to Twister Side with the crossface and unhooking the lockdown. If they use that underhook side hand to block your knee as you progress towards passing, snatch that underhook back and go back to no hand passing.

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