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    Joe Rogan Podcast #39 - Eddie Bravo / Joey Diaz

    Finally listened to this one that came out on 9/2/2010. Thought I would write a quick blurb so all you FUCKOOO's listen to it:

    1. Joe asks Eddie what a woman would have to do for Eddie to hit her.
    2. Joey discusses why he went to jail, his jail experience, and how he got into stand up comedy.
    3. Eddie and Joe reflect on the TV show they were working on together.
    4. Stories about Bas Ruten.

    I could listen to Joey talk about his life all day.

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    I listen to every pod cast. Its actually one of the reasons i started Jiu Jitsu. I knew Joe rogan studied,but i started listening to his pod cast because of his comedy. Then just listening to his and Eddies passion, made me check out 10th Plannet. I had just joined an MMA gym for exercise ( i studied Okenowan Karaty a while back) and they had no Gi Jiu Jitsu. Every one is cool with rolling 10th plannet, so i startind learning what i could and applying it.
    I guess my point was Much respect to them both. And that podcast is epic! Deep, funny, and informitive. I will not miss one and neither should any of you.

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