MTS 112: “The Ditch”

00:01:40 Positional Warmups, Transition to Legs

00:07:28 Cholofit

00:10:02 Rubberguard Details

00:18:02 Gordon Ryan be challenging everybody likeā€¦

00:18:45 Cora Sek vs Alex Terrier

00:21:04 EBI Overtime Strategies

00:27:04 Jaimie Scott, 10P London Moonhead

00:28:32 Positional Drilling: Leglocks, Guard, Spiderweb

00:39:46 Nathan Orchard, 10P Portland

00:42:58 Underpass, The Ditch

01:06:07 James Najim Twister MMA

01:06:49 Underpass, The Ditch

01:13:33 Dealing with Inversion

01:15:34 US Marine Corps 10P Yuma

01:21:38 Underpass, The Ditch Combos

01:25:06 Ringworm PSA

MTS 111: Shuck, Squeeze, Jump, Cliff

Leg locks, Homie Control

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MTS 110: Anti-Leg Lock Game Part 2

Leglocks, fishnet, under jack

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Isosceles Triangle, Underjack

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MTS 108: Lock Up Your Legs Part 2

10p Leg locks part 2

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MTS 107: Lock Up Your Legs Part 1

10p Leg Locks part 1

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MTS 106: Trust Your PDUs

Perfect Double Underhooks from Quarter Guard,

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MTS 105: Top Lock Clinch

Top Half Positions, Top Lock Clinch, Ending Electric Chair

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MTS 104: Mini-Stomp 1, 2, 3

Warmups E, F, G, H – 1/4 Guard, Mini-Stomp, Butterflies, Top Half Pass, Open Guard

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