MTS 106: Trust Your PDUs

00:01:40 10th Planet Austin

00:04:14 Geo Martinez Facebook Livestream

00:00:49 1/4 Guard

00:15:59 Perfect Double Unders from 1/4 Guard

00:24:38 Geo Martinez Facebook Livestream

00:33:11 86 year old Gymnast

00:33:54 Anderson Silva vs Amazon Tribe

00:38:48 Geo Martinez Facebook Livestream

00:52:54 Perfect Double Unders from 1/4  Guard

01:04:43 Geo Martinez Facebook Livestream

01:28:27 Antonio Inoki vs Billy Robinson

01:30:25 Eddie Bravo Gi Technique

01:33:54 Double Unders From Top Half

01:45:43 Top Lock Clinch Details

01:50:43 Live Drills

01:53:20 10th Planet Melbourne/South Melbourne Highlight

01:58:20 Butterfly Pass with JM Holland and Grace Gundrum

02:07:00 Kimodo Dragons Wrestle

02:09:48 Taking the Back From Z Guard with Zach Maslany and Grace Gundrum

02:16:30 Post EBI

02:17:41 Post Kyra Batara MMA Match

02:18:21 Kyra Batara wins via Twist and Pound

MTS 105: Top Lock Clinch

Top Half Positions, Top Lock Clinch, Ending Electric Chair

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MTS 104: Mini-Stomp 1, 2, 3

Warmups E, F, G, H – 1/4 Guard, Mini-Stomp, Butterflies, Top Half Pass, Open Guard

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MTS 103: Anti-Leg Lock Game

Flying Fishnet and Warm-ups A -Granby’s, B – Hail Mary’s, C – Pressure Passes, D – Standing Passes

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MTS 102: Rubber Side

Rubber Side, DOA Counters, COP Sweep

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MTS 101: COP Clinch Revisited

COP Clinch, Geo Martinez live stream, 10p Austin seminar

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MTS 100: 10 x 10

10th Planet Blackbelt favorite techniques

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MTS 99: Twister Side Control

Adlai Cleveland, Cora Sek, Riley Breedlove

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MTS 98: Cummings Honey Flow

Honey Hole, Muddy Waters, Half-Full

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