MTS 113: Camp Cucuy

00:01:40 Highly Productive with Pascal Pakter

00:06:11 Tony Ferguson Fight Camp

00:18:31 10p Melbourne / South Melbourne Highlight

00:06:34 Rubber Guard

00:23:44 Jeremiah Vance 10p HQ – WFC 58

00:26:17 Fedor Emelianenko vs Kazuyuki Fujita

00:29:40 Marvin Castelle NAGA 2016

00:30:04 Shinya Aoki story with Gong Magazine

00:31:53 Grace Gundrum fan from the Philippines

00:35:11 Royler Gracie Metamoris 3

00:37:46 Gogoclinch and Guard in MMA

00:44:54 Tony Ferguson Fight Camp

00:47:46 Passing A Large Opponents Guard

00:49:51 Chai Sirisute 10p Longbeach head

00:50:50 Argument Against EBI Overtime

00:56:43 Ray Mercer vs Tommy Morrison

00:58:32 Curtis Hembroff 10p Austin MoonHead Texas Grappling Challenge

01:03:26 Tony Ferguson Fight Night 98 Fight Camp

01:05:21 Safe Haven / Dark Haven

01:06:41 10p London Highlight

01:10:32 Chris Herzog 10p Rochester Leg Lock and highlight

01:21:24 Rubber Guard – Invisible Collar

MTS 112: The Ditch

The Ditch

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MTS 111: Shuck, Squeeze, Jump, Cliff

Leg locks, Homie Control

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MTS 110: Anti-Leg Lock Game Part 2

Leglocks, fishnet, under jack

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Isosceles Triangle, Underjack

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MTS 108: Lock Up Your Legs Part 2

10p Leg locks part 2

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MTS 107: Lock Up Your Legs Part 1

10p Leg Locks part 1

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MTS 106: Trust Your PDUs

Perfect Double Underhooks from Quarter Guard,

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MTS 105: Top Lock Clinch

Top Half Positions, Top Lock Clinch, Ending Electric Chair

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