MTS 13: Attack of the Renato

  • The 3rd Option: Pulling Guard
  • Renato (12:12)
  • Quarter Clinch to Mini Stomp to Mechanic (18:23)
  • Tae Kwon Joe (23:55)
  • Japanese Necktie (3 Variations) (28:00)
  • Twister Side to Calf Crank (41:01)
  • Cookie


    • Eddie Bravo

      Can’t believe you think me getting humiliated on my own show awesome, thank you 🙂

  • black


  • eric vade

    that had to be fake!

  • Julian

    lol its about time he got his own back 😀

    • Julian

      years in the making!

  • JJChimp

    Awesome stuff Eddie, Loved your speech about the guard. Also always great to see Joe’s kicks.

  • Bill Keeling

    What the fuck ever…. Eddie, we need to work on that acting 😉 Funny as hell, but I called that shit like Babe Ruth!!!! You so funny!

  • watty31

    at 35:25, smooth transition to arm triangle, all over son!

  • simon

    another good tune to roll to!

  • Shane Lee

    interesting stuff…

    Has anyone tried the “Japanese Necktie” with a reduced barrel type grip?

  • Josh Curtis

    Can i just say how did it get that far with Renato… i’m aussie and i dunno how such a disrespectrul piece of shit like that was allowed to walk in to the school little lone walk out after that… wer’e we all just punked or what..where i train i don’t always agree with stuff or i might do it different but if anyone spoke or carried on like him fuck jiu jitsu i woulda bit his nose off.. teachers deserve that respect regardless of rank or experence if not go find another school. techniques sick as always…

  • Brettgordhamer

    holy shit! did Eddie really go out?

  • DavidJohn

  • peterd

    Wow! That track by Autobot City is an Indie Gem. Keep ’em coming Eddie!

  • mr.awesome51

    what the fuck is up with that renato? the guy is a douche

    • mr.awesome51

      oh its fake. damn im a dumbass. ill give it to great acting

  • zoraiz

    how suspenseful 😀

  • iveljr

    RENATO LARANJA SUBMIT EDDIE BRAVO!!KKKKK!!Ok Eddie,you are great jiujitsu master,but as an actor,you have to take some act classes!

  • TerryFrost

    Congrats to 10th Planet wins @ World No Gi 2010 !!


    Brilliant Rebel keep em comming

  • MrSqueeze

    im obsessed with that japanese necktie thanks eddie!

  • Alaskan Reaper

    Thanks for all the awesome techniques Eddie. Going to my first No Gi Tourny next weekend. Personally I’m guessing the whole Renato thing is a hilarious stunt. #1 you are too high level to get tapped out in 10seconds. #2 you are to good a teacher to let someone mouth off in your class non stop. You gotta squash that stuff quick in real life. Peace! 🙂

  • Tate Wright

    Its good to let your apponants know whats up and he will pay! it goood jiu jitsu…

  • T-Bone

    I like that butterfly guard pass that Eddie does at about 40:30, the last roll with the dude. I’ve seen it here on the MTS before, I think, but i’m not sure. Anyways, I can’t seem to find it now. Anyone know where I can find a video of it, or know which MTS episode it is on?


  • castano_nick

    Loving Joes kicks, but i love twister side control even better! Im gonna try to post pics of my 280lb ass doing twister side controls!

  • HoesLoveKev

    man i knew Renato would fuckin snap one day!… Mitrione started actin hard like when McSweeney got in his face! lol

  • Matt Rosenblum

    the “fight” was pretty awesome but you should have sold the dramatic ending with a fade to black on the girls face and a sound byte of the doors “This is the End!”
    The new site kicks ass!

  • jmulli9

    were you really out??

  • Lukas Evans

    What happened?

  • toby webb

    your still the shit man

  • Tomoplata

    Just think if it wasn’t you how awesome it would be to watch. 😀

  • Frayj

    Dude why would you give renato the pleasure of you posting that shit? I love your take on bjj and seeing that shit literally hurt my feelings no joke. I tapped a high level brown when I was a white with your lockdown banana split that I got from you on youtube like 2 years ago. My bread and butter is your shit and ive never trained at your school. I cant thank you enough for your videos and books

  • Eddie Bravo

    I’m so stoked you guys like the show! Wait til next episode, Einstein steps up to Renato 🙂

    • Julian

      whens the next one out? been checking everyday flatout

  • Enzo

    Ha ha – Love it.

  • Jason Hannon

    I love it, funny as hell.

  • backbutblack

    is this for real?

  • Brian Bradway

    so the necktie is considered for the most part a choke, right?

  • Christoph

    I watched Mark Hunt Lose in person to mccorkle at 119 it was a cool submission. unfortunately that was in my top 3 of fights that night. crocop v mir was a disappointment, but sherk dunham was fun

  • Josh Peterson

    Crazy!! I rolled against Doug White at the Submission Hunt in MN this past October.

  • Waikiki

    Hope you get rematch, whoop his ass..

    Eddie roll through Hawaii bra, spread the system here.

  • Matthew Edlund

    The best part is that the “choke out” is a testament to Eddie’s teaching. A Gi Jiu Jitsu black belt used a no-gi choke that was in one of the earlier episodes taught by Eddie. Actually Epstien at the end of the video.

    Renato’s such a Douche! It’s got to be an act.

  • Mitch@ATT

    Right on, 3rd option should always be in your arsenal! So effective dirty boxing, knees, cage control, even a Vinny Mag Flying armbar,lol ect inside the clinch… could that be a 4th option?? If it’s worthwhile Eddie, My students on the west coast of FL & some Top Team bro’s on the East would like to hear your views about it on film..

  • Zevvion

    I like the look of the necktie. I usually try to get anaconda’s and darce’s every chance I get. Not that they are so easy to pull off, but they just feel so powerful. I just love doing the gator roll off it.

    Great song on the rolling session. I’m going to try that necktie next time. I’ll also look into the fish net and various options from there. Also seemed like there was a chance for a knee bar there.

  • PaperNun

    man that guy on bottom has like perfect eyebrows. 

  • Jason Rush Thigpen

    from watching this is the main difference between a darce and a necktie is ones a crank and the others a choke?

    • Humguy

      no, use the search tool on the forum. Myslef and others have addressed the difference.

  • Faisal Akhtar

    Not working after 16 minutes. Tech support?

  • Termis

    not working after 15:52 🙁

  • Andrew Sarasin

    same here, doesn’t work after 15:56

  • Rhys Pymont

    at 37:01 if eddie had sneaked an underhook on that guy right ankle and rear naked choke gripped it. is that anything? because it would look like a wicked submission if you ask me

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