MTS 133 Polishing The Isosceles Triangle

00:02:14 10p HQ Intro
00:07:40 Warmups H1 – Open Guards
00:08:30 Warmups H2 – Open Guards
00:09:32 Warmups H3 – Open Guards
00:10:32 Warmups H4 – Open Guards
00:15:38 Breaker Flow
00:16:14 Back take from Side Control – Erik “Compella” Cruz 10p Pasadena
00:17:52 Outside Heel Hook – Eric Ramey 10p Pasadena
00:19:33 H Day Drills
00:24:55 JM Holland – SUG 5
00:33:57 10p Pasadena Grand Opening
00:44:55 Breaker Flow
00:46:59 D Day Drills – M1/Crossover
00:50:51 D Day Drills – 8 to 4 o’clock
00:55:49 D Day Drills – Under Pass
01:03:17 Peruvian Necktie – Erik “Compella” Cruz 10p Pasadena
01:04:23 Toe Hold from Inside Ashi Garami – Eric Ramey 10p Pasadena
01:06:03 Nathan Wallner 10p Black Belt Highlight
01:07:53 Warmups F1 – Butterflies
01:10:22 Warmups F2 – Butterflies
01:11:23 Warmups F3 – Butterflies
01:12:46 Warmups F4 – Butterflies
01:13:42 Flying Ushiro to Deaths Door
01:14:44 Top Game vs Leg Lock Game
01:21:59 Top Game vs Leg Lock Game (Head and Arm Control)
01:31:02 Knee Bar from Knee Slice – Erik “Compella” Cruz 10p Pasadena
01:31:02 Back to Kimora to Crucifix to Single Arm Choke – Eric Ramey 10p Pasadena
01:34:48 Freak Under Pass with Geo “Freakahzoid” Martinez

  • keith Thompson

    loving that freak pass

  • Vincent Leibrick

    Could you guys point out a session for berimbolo drills please? Working on that at the minute.

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