10th Planet Tampere, Finland


gym Address: Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere, Finland
gym website: mmateam300.fi
gym e-mail: info@mmateam300.fi
gym phone: +358451100600

Gym and head instructor information:

10th Planet Tampere / MMA Team 300 is the first and only 10th Planet affiliate in Finland. The gym is located in the heart of Tampere and provides training for a variety of combat sports including 10th Planet jiu jitsu, MMA and thaiboxing.

The gym was founded by a group of enthusiastic 10th Planet ronins. The amateur and professional MMA / jiu jitsu fighters of the gym are known for their highly technical jiu jitsu skills and eagerness to finish fights by submissions.

10th Planet Tampere offers everyone a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to develop technical skills as well as physical conditioning. Wether you are a competitive fighter or train martial arts just for the fun of it, 10th Planet Tampere is the place for you.

The head instructor of grappling in 10th Planet Tampere is Lauri Karppinen who is the first 10th Planet purple belt in Finland. Lauri received his purple belt from Magnus Hansson who is the head instructor of 10th Planet Stockholm. Like his mentor, Lauri is also obsessed with the beauty of the technical details in jiu jitsu and wants to share the knowledge to his students. Lauri is an active and well established no-gi competitor who has won several tournaments in amateur and professional level.

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