10th Planet Barcelona

Manu Perez is a brown belt under Eddie Bravo’s first UK black belt, Mick Broster. While his grappling background began in the gi, Manu was always drawn to the 10th Planet system. As a blue belt, Manu visited 10th Planet Montreal and at that point he decided he needed to be a part of the 10th Planet family.

Shortly after being awarded his purple belt, Manu made the big switch and moved to the UK in pursuit of 10th Planet knowledge. It was under the tutelage of Mick Broster that Manu began to immerse himself in the system and began teaching. It was in his time under Broster that Manu began to compete tirelessly in the UK and won a number of medals by using 10th Planet techniques.

Soon after being awarded his brown belt, Manu decided it was time to bring 10th Planet to his hometown of Barcelona. Having seen how the system benefited his own development as a grappler, Manu now wants to create his own team of 10th Planet ninjas.

10th Planet Barcelona is located in the heart of the vibrant neighbourhood of Les Corts. Manu Perez, a 10th Planet brown belt, coaches all the classes from beginner to advanced.


10th Planet jiu jitsu Barcelona

Gym location:

Travessera de les Corts, 235
Barcelona 08028

Website: 10pbcn.com
Instagram: @10thplanetbarcelona
Facebook: 10thplanetbarcelona
Phone: (+34) 621052543
Email: info@10pbcn.com

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