10th Planet Beirut

10th Planet Beirut’s head coach Talal Karaki, an athlete that has been immersed in martial arts as early as a kid is allowed, was first introduced to the 10th Planet System during one of his training camps in Singapore at Evolve MMA. Karaki instantly fell for the System, and under the supervision of Eddie Bravo’s black belt Slick Rick Marshal, Talal became the first officially ranked Singapore 10th Planet Practitioner. For the past years Karaki has been training rigorously at some of the best gyms in the world such as Evolve MMA, AKA Thailand and Tristar Lebanon where his training partners/coaches included top UFC, ONE FC; and BRAVE FC athletes.

School Bio:

10th Planet Beirut is operating under Tristar Lebanon and will have classes available in three locations:

1- Mtayleb Country Club
2- 37 Degree Fitness
3- International Sports Institute

Tristar Lebanon is regarded as one of the top MMA gyms in the entire region with its athletes proving time and time again that they belong at the highest levels. All three gyms offer a friendly and safe environment for everyone looking to start and excel in martial arts. Be it 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling; Tristar Lebanon is the number one stop for any martial art in the middle east.

Mtayleb Country Club, Mtayleb, El Maten
37 Degree Fitness, Ghazir, Mount Lebanon
International Sports Institute, Dora, Beirut

Contact info:

Social Media
Instagram: @10PBeirut

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