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Conor Heun

10th Planet Denver head coach Conor Heun got his first taste of combat sports as a five year old stepping onto the wrestling mat in 1984. Nine years later he watched in disbelief as Jiu Jitsu master, Royce Gracie, choked wrestler, Ken Shamrock, into submission at UFC 1.

Conor had won numerous state titles in Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling, competed collegetly at the NCAA tournament, and even traveled to France to compete in the Tour Du Monde world championships. He had racked up over 1000 wins in tournaments around the world yet he couldn’t forget the way Royce Gracie dominated the bigger, stronger wrestler at the first UFC. Determined to learn Jiu Jitsu, Conor studied every Pride and UFC fight he could get his hands on, but it wasn’t until he walked into The Bomb Squad Gym in 2005 and met Eddie Bravo that his life was changed forever.

Eddie Bravo had gained notoriety after becoming the first person to submit Royler Gracie at the ADCC championships. Eddie was know for his open minded approach to Jiu Jitsu, taking effective techniques from everywhere and discarding anything that didn’t work, including the use of the traditional gi or kimono favored by the Gracie’s. Eddie saw Conor’s strong wrestling base and nonstop work ethic and took Conor under his wing, believing that he could be the one to introduce the world to the power of the 10th Planet system by competing in MMA.

With Eddie spending extra time to ensure his mastery of the 10th Planet system, Conor became a quick study and fell in love with the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu style of clinch based grappling. Unlike the traditional BJJ that he had done in the past, Conor recognized that training without the gi provided a much more functional and realistic approach to grappling and self-defense when strikes are present.

With Bravo’s encouragement, Conor entered his first pro MMA fight in 2006 and won by rear naked choke in the 2nd round. Seven years later after 14 professional fights in the IFL, Elite XC, and Strikeforce, Conor retired from MMA, recommitting to his development a teacher and student of Jiu Jitsu.

After earning his black belt from Eddie Bravo in 2016 and driven by the idea that a strong, confident, compassionate team of warriors can change the world, Conor opened 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Denver in November of 2018

After experiencing first hand the transformative power of a conscious martial arts practice, Coach Heun is determined share this gift with the world.

Heather Jo Clark

Assistant coach, Heather Jo Clark has been training in the martial arts since she was a child. When she was just 5, she accompanied her dad, who was the ring side Dr. for Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, to one of his Kickboxing fights and the fire was lit. She knew then she wanted to be a fighter and started training Karate as soon as her dad would let her. In 2008, she started her MMA and Jiu Jitsu journey in LA before moving to Albuquerque to train at the famed Jackson/Winkeljohn academy for almost 5 years. Her journey then took her to Las Vegas where she spent the next 4 years at Xtreme Couture under the tutelage of the late great Robert Follis. She’s currently coming off of a hard fought victory in Invicta FC and training at Factory X when she isn’t coaching.

Heather Jo is a BJJ Purple belt with fights in all the top organizations including Bellator and the UFC.

Heather runs the Women’s program at 10th Planet Denver and is available for private lessons in every aspect of combat sports.

At 10th Planet Denver we are committed to creating intelligent, mindful, conscious warriors. If you are ready to become the greatest version of yourself please stop by and join us for a free class. You won’t regret it.

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