10th Planet Louisville, KY

Adrian Jenkins is a Tenth Planet black belt from Louisville, Kentucky under Scott Elliot, 10p Richmond. He is the owner and head instructor at Louisville Combat Academy/10th Planet Louisville. Adrian started MMA in 2006 with Louisville MMA under Jason Weihe and immediately fell in love with the art of jiujitsu. He has an MMA record of 10-3-1 and is an active jiujitsu competitor. In 2013, Adrian discovered 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu when he met Sean Applegate, 10p Gulf Shores. Soon after he was introduced to Scott Elliot and the journey began. “Honestly I felt as if I started over, Tenth Planet was very different to what I was used to doing”, he states. He received his brown belt in 2017 and his black belt in 2021.

Louisville Combat Academy/10th Planet Louisville
7908 Beulah Church Rd, Louisville KY 40228

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