10th Planet Oak Hill, TX

Brian Williamson

10th Planet Black Belt

Brian is a 10th Planet black belt under Curtis Hembroff, the owner of 10th Planet Austin. He has been involved in martial arts since he was a teenager, originally studying Ishin-Ryu Karate and Jeet Kune Do; he also wrestled in high school. He is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Kenpo. In 2009, he opened his own martial arts school in a small town south of Austin. It was there that he got introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and rekindled his love for grappling. Shortly after, he discovered Eddie Bravo and immediately knew 10th Planet was the system for him. Brian joined 10th Planet Austin upon its opening and his been a fixture here ever since. Brian loves to teach, coach, and explore grappling. He considers it a gift and a blessing to be able to help his team, and is his mission to be the best coach he can be.

Casey Champagne

10th Planet Brown Belt

Casey was born in Houston, Texas and has participated in multiple sports throughout his life but narrowed his focus in high school to competitive swimming. He would eventually go on to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level. Post swimming, he retained a passion for strength and conditioning, but missed the achievement and focus that sports provided. After getting into martial arts and training MMA for a while, he shifted his focus to grappling to complement his striking skills. A career disruption caused Casey to move to Austin where he found work as s a personal trainer and strength coach. A desire to stay in touch with his life in combat sports brought Casey to 10th Planet Austin in 2016. The 10th Planet culture and the open-minded nature of its grappling system matched well with his personality and he has been consistently training ever since. Casey has received all his belts in Jiu Jitsu from 10th Planet Austin, most recently earning his brown belt in 2020.

Jacob Norton

10th Planet Brown Belt

Jacob was born in Houston Texas, and he started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of eleven. He started teaching once he got his blue belt in May, 2016. After a couple years of moving around and teaching at other gyms, Jacob earned his purple belt in 2018. He found a home at 10th Planet Austin, establishing himself as one of the most technically adept tacticians and coaches in the school. He continues to teach and compete at the highest levels, and his passion shows through. Jacob earned his brown belt in 2022.

Favorite quote: “It’s possible to transcend anything that doesn’t kill you.” – David Goggins

Lauren Sears

10th Planet Brown Belt

Lauren is an Austin native with 25 years of experience in competitive sports and 10 years experience in personal training, sports specific performance coaching and nutrition. At the age of 5 she began swimming and went on to compete internationally until the age of 10. Through adolescence she competed in various sports such as track and field, volleyball, basketball, archery, horse judging, training, and riding. At the age of 19 Lauren began racing in triathlons and at 20 qualified for the USAT National Triathlon and Triathlon Olympic trials. At the same time, she discovered her interest in coaching and began working towards becoming a personal trainer. While racing in triathlons, Lauren began coaching and competing in power lifting, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit. She became a personal trainer, pose running certified coach, ryde cycling coach, certified CF coach, and a triathlon coach and in 2013 was voted the best triathlon coach in Austin. Following an injury that took her away from triathlon, she began taking self defense classes at a local martial arts school that also offered Muay Thai. She fell in love with the art and community and began training in MMA. Lauren trained in MMA for 2 years and began coaching self defense and striking classes. After 4 years of MMA training she decided to work towards improving her ground fighting skills with the intent to pursue competition in MMA. She found 10th Planet Austin and quickly fell in love with Jiu Jitsu and the community far beyond any sport she had ever experienced. During her early years of Jiu Jitsu, Lauren attended physical therapy school and graduated in 2020 earning her PTA license. Though she was a PTA, her heart was set on building a life and career in Jiu Jitsu so she chose to commit the majority of her time to growing in this avenue. Lauren was promoted to brown belt in 2022. Lauren has been competing in Jiu Jitsu since white belt and has earned various accolades at the highest levels of the sport in her division. She is passionate about competing, traveling, meeting new people, and sharing her love and knowledge of the sport in hopes to build up and motivate those around her to reach their highest potential.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oak Hill

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