10th Planet Walnut Creek, CA


Your portal to the 10th Planet system in the East Bay area. A great place to learn, work hard and have a good time.

The instructor of 10th Planet Walnut Creek is Alex Canders. Alex is a lifelong martial artist, training and achieving instructor level in many styles since age 11. Alex fell in love with Jiu Jitsu through the remote teachings of Eddie Bravo, which led him to Denny Prokopos’ 10th Planet San Francisco where he has received the best training of his life. Since, he has had success in competition due to attention to detail, proper training, healthy mindset, and consistent work ethic. Alex’s goal with 10th Planet Walnut Creek is to provide a supportive, positive and expert training atmosphere to those in the East Bay; basically to build a gym where he would love to train.

325 N Wiget Ln Suite 150
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Website: http://www.10thplanetwalnutcreek.com
Email: info@10pwc.com
Phone: (210) 802-6644

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