MTS 120: “2 Ton Truck”

00:01:43 Lauri Karpinnen 10p Tempere Moon Head competition

00:03:16 Warm Ups G2 – Top Half Passes

00:04:36 Warm Ups G3 – Top Half Passes

00:09:32 Darce Last Resort Escape

00:10:25 Lauri Karpinnen 10p Tempere Moon Head

00:15:28 Buttock Compressor & Options

00:23:58 Uke Carlos Guyton 10p HQ Purple Belt

00:23:58 Imanari & Jackie Chan

00:33:43 Closing the Deal

00:39:27 Chemtrail to Truck

00:48:22 Sneaky Kamikaze

00:49:58 Getting Into Hot Yoga

00:51:44 Bombing Story

00:53:06 Warm Ups E1 – Quarter Guard

00:56:48 Warm Ups E2 – Quarter Guard

00:58:40 Warm Ups E3 – Quarter Guard

01:06:19 Warm Ups E4 – Quarter Guard

01:13:38 Consistency with the Warm Ups

01:15:07 Twister Drill

01:20:07 Twister Kimura/RNC

01:25:18 Cora Sek Kumite 12 Highlight

01:31:17 Warm Ups D1 – Standing Passes

01:35:45 Warm Ups D2 – Standing Passes

01:37:28 Warm Ups D3 – Standing Passes

01:39:41 “Warm Up” Flows

01:40:47 Warm Ups D4 – Standing Passes

01:48:45 Alex Magala NAGA Las Vegas 2017

01:51:40 Story Time

01:55:18 Leg Lock Honey Flow

01:56:28 Butterfly Drills

02:00:52 Leonard Kim and Lauri Karpinnen Meet EBI OT

02:03:49 Thursday Night on NBC

02:04:28 Japanese Necktie Escape and Counter

02:04:54 Leonard Kim 10p Seoul Moon Head

02:08:03 EBI 11 CJJ Finals – Chad George vs Nick Honstein

  • battaile

    So much good stuff in this episode, damn. The in-depth warmup breakdowns are great.

  • Michael Hewson

    On warm up G2 – One of the changes I see is that we now switch the grip when we are in Judo Side. In the video from Frank Barca we switch the grip once we are in mount. Why is that?

  • Orkhan Iskenderli

    This is sic. The more I watch it, the more I want it. Master Eddie, can we you please dedicate one of future MTS episodes to Hindu control/Hindulotine as well as Gubshow/Gunshot. Pleeeeease!

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