MTS 135 Jiu Jitsu For CJJ

00:02:14 Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds (CJJW 1) Promo

00:03:09 Discussing Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds

00:06:51 Warmups F1 – Butterflies

00:07:30 Warmups F2 – Butterflies

00:08:22 Types of Clinch – COP Clinch, Homie Control

00:10:21 Warmups F3 – Butterflies

00:11:29 Warmups F4 – Butterflies

00:12:56 Preschool Flow

00:13:55 Types of Clinch – COP Clinch, Homie Control

00:25:20 Clinch Drills 

00:30:41 Hindulotine in Competition

00:35:27 Putting Your Opponent on a Path

00:38:10 Talking Combat Jiu Jitsu

00:47:37 Z Decisions

00:55:56 Denny Prokopos – Kettle Bells at Onnit Gym

00:56:55 Warmups H1 – Open Guards

00:57:54 Warmups H2 – Open Guards

00:59:07 Warmups H3 – Open Guards

00:59:59 Warmups H3 – Open Guards (Update with Invisible Collar)

01:02:41 Breaker Flow

01:04:31 Gi vs No-Gi Discussion 

01:17:36 Full Guard Game

01:22:58 Homie Control – Full Guard

01:47:25 CJJW 1 Ben Eddy vs Wilson Reis

01:53:43 Talking Combat Jiu Jitsu

02:05:00 Talking Combat Jiu Jitsu Continued

02:23:10 Flying Ushiro to Death’s Door

02:23:48 Homie Control – Full Guard 

  • Armin R

    I like that IR IRAN im in Iran, Tehran Right now coming home in a week.

  • Armin R

    I swear if it were not because of sanctions Iran has the best wrestlers in the world. Give 1 of them 2 of them to eddie and see what happens. These guys are just beastssssssssssssss. They need Teaching. They need opportunity because of sanctions these guys don’t even have the opportunity to even train under a Master like eddie to get to the UFC.

  • Darrius Thompson

    So in the Gi vs. No Gi discussion, Eddie says if u train No Gi.. you aren’t doing Jiu Jitsu. Why would he say that? His whole system is No-Gi based

    • Jason Breedlove

      He was saying that is what some other people say.

  • Eric Shepherd

    That bridge at 34:00. Epic!

    • Sam Brewer


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