MTS 138 3 Ways To Clear The Neck

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:50 Warmups E1 – Quarter Guard

00:09:00 Warmups E2 – Quarter Guard

00:10:35 Warmups E3 – Quarter Guard

00:13:51 Warmups E4 – Quarter Guard

00:19:46 Preschool Flow

00:20:11 Alex Magala, Mantis Style

00:26:52 3 Ways To Clear The Neck, Rubber Guard Paths

00:46:19 Rubber Hook

00:47:54 Ilima Lei Macfarlane at 10p Oceanside Grand Opening

00:49:42  Ilima-Lei MacFarlane vs. Emily Ducote – Bellator MMA

00:53:27 10p Oceanside Grand Opening

00:54:27 Flexibility

00:55:44 Rubber Guard Path – Gogo Flip

01:00:35 10p Oceanside Grand Opening

01:04:23 Full Guard Game Is Optional

01:18:53 Mastering The Warmups

01:22:37 Ricky Lule Black Belt Promotion

  • HybridJamaican

    i fucking love you Eddie, MTS makes me feel like i’m a part of the 10th planet family over the years, knee poppin back in was awesome footage

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