MTS 140 Gogo Launch

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:39 Hail Mary Concepts

00:05:41 Warmups B1 – Hail Marys

00:09:02 Warmups B2 – Hail Marys

00:10:59 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries Match 1

00:11:58 Warmups B3 – Hail Marys

00:20:18 Warmups B4 – Hail Marys

00:22:36 Sapateiro Invitational 16

00:24:43 Jail Break

00:31:17 Toe Hold Story

00:35:15 JM Holland, 10p Bethlehem – Submission Underground 5

00:48:08 Quarter Z Pass

00:50:23 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries Match 2

00:50:59 Chest Pass

00:55:20 Sapateiro 16

00:57:06 Rubber Guard – Flying Kung Fu

01:06:30 Pre-school Flow – Cece Mena 10pHQ Blue Belt and Rey DL 10pHQ Brown Belt

01:07:00 Marvin Castelle – Grappling Industries Match 3

01:08:04 Gogo Launch

01:16:10 Sapateiro 16

01:20:40 Rubber Guard – Gogo Flip Details

01:23:31 Eddie Bravo in the LA Riots (1992)

  • Karl Williams

    I love seeing my coaches kicking ass! 10PAB/10PJAX

  • damian

    videos are bufforing all the time

    • Michael

      lower the quality of the stream (360p) or get faster internet

  • Elizabeth2160

    This is our party. You can join me?

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