MTS 148 Advanced Guard Clinch Combos

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:15 Warmups A1 – Granbys

00:03:51 Warmups A2 – Granbys

00:08:34 Warmups A3 – Granbys

00:11:05 Warmups A4 – Granbys

00:14:55 EBI 17 CJJ Jon Thor Blank Countdown

00:23:15 Breaker Flow

00:24:34 A Day Live Drills

00:29:14 EBI 17 CJJ Jon Thor Blank Highlight

00:35:09 Samoans Story

00:39:05 COP Clinch, COP Sweep

00:51:41 Kelvin Gastelum Black belt Promotion TUF 28 Ep 04

00:55:14 Failed COP Sweep Into Homie Control

01:02:18 Amanda Leve STA Finishers 4

01:03:57 Amanda Leve STA Finishers 4

01:10:19 Amanda Leve STA Finishers 4

01:13:08 Amanda Leve STA Finishers 4

01:15:02 Failed Rubber Guard to Dog Fight

MTS 163 Lockdown From The Top

Warmups H, Open Guards, Arm Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, lockdown from top

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MTS 162 X Break Meets Vaporizer

Vaporizer Warmups G

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MTS 161 New Lockdown Path

MTS 161 Warmups F New Lockdown Path

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MTS 160 Perfect Dog Fight

Warmups E, Dog Fight, Suplex Street Slams

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MTS 159 Mexican Dead Orchard

Warmups – Standing Passes, mexican dead orchard

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MTS 158 Rubber Guard Ultra Stomp

Warmups C – Pressure Passes, Purple Haze Hazelett

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MTS 157 ADV 1/4 Guard Combos

ADV 1/4 Guard Combos, Warmups B

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MTS 156 Rubber Guard: The Pyramid

Rubber Guard, The Pyramid, Warmups A

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