MTS 154 ADV Lockdown Details

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:04:03 Warmups G1 – Top Half Passes

00:11:47 Warmups G2 – Top Half Passes

00:25:25 Work On Cardio

00:28:20 Warmups G3 – Top Half Passes

00:35:20 ADCC Strategy

00:37:58 Warmups G4 – Top Half Passes

00:44:26 Pre School Flow

00:46:04 Jon “Thor” Blank – CJJFN Absolutes

00:56:30 Positional Live Drills – Top Half, Double Undercooks, Twister Pass

01:04:17 Rolling Strategy

01:06:45 Jon “Thor” Blank – CJJFN Match

01:08:26 Rey De Leon – Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds CJJW

01:12:43 Lockdown Basics

01:16:29 Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

01:17:52 Lockdown Basics

01:28:46 Top Half – No Hand Pass

01:30:53 Common Mistake – Lockdown vs Top Half

01:34:04 Apollo

01:35:34 ADCC Strategy

01:37:00 Smashing

01:38:21 Lockdown Advanced

01:48:06 Crotch Ripper From Top

  • James Reeves

    What’s up Eddie. Just turned over to the 10thP page and joined up. 1st time saw you do a formal class. Anyone ever tell you that you teach in the same manner as Steven Segal? Just wondering you seem a lot like him in this one. Good lesson for me to start with, always used Lockdown but only knew how to control and straight ankle lock someone with it. PLus a few sweeps. Can’t wait to see the next level you take me too. Thanks for having me.

  • James Reeves

    Much Respect for the message Jon. That is about as real as it get, gotta put the work in.

  • iHearAmericaSnoring

    Hayabusa ankle locks? LOL

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