MTS 155 ADV Truck Banana Split

00:02:14 The first 10p Affiliates

00:03:51 Lucas Lepri Handstands

00:04:58 The Unmade Documentary – Eddie Bravo on The Man Show and Going to ADCC 2003

00:07:31 Warmups H1 – Open Guards

00:15:50 Warmups H2 – Open Guards

00:17:15 Warmups H3 – Open Guards – Update with Waiter Sweep

00:37:58 Warmups H4 – Open Guards – Update with Invisible Collar

00:47:52 Breaker Flow

00:48:28 Finishing Machine Factory

00:57:06 Frank Barca 10p Melbourne

00:58:41 Banana Split in MMA

01:00:36 Banana Split & Crotch Ripper

01:04:18 Joe Rogan on Crotch Ripper

01:10:44 Preventing The Truck Flips

01:15:29 Wild Beast to Kuwy Control Crotch Ripper

01:18:07 Twister Transition

01:25:17 Crotch Ripper Grip Placement

01:27:52 Youtube Censorship

  • Andrew Beckman

    scientific grips vs pseudo grips

    Look into it

    • Michael


MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown

MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown Warmups C

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MTS 165 100 Percent Revisited

100%, Warmups B

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MTS 164 Lockdown / Lockdrag

Lockdrag, Lockdown, Warmups A

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MTS 163 Lockdown From The Top

Warmups H, Open Guards, Arm Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, lockdown from top

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MTS 162 X Break Meets Vaporizer

Vaporizer Warmups G

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MTS 161 New Lockdown Path

MTS 161 Warmups F New Lockdown Path

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MTS 160 Perfect Dog Fight

Warmups E, Dog Fight, Suplex Street Slams

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MTS 159 Mexican Dead Orchard

Warmups – Standing Passes, mexican dead orchard

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