MTS 160 Perfect Dog Fight

Table of Contents

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro with Chito Vera and Jeremiah Vance

00:03:29 Renato Laranja “Private Hell”

00:14:26 Suplex Street Style Slams

00:17:57 “Nice Fight Asshole” Story

00:21:31 Suplex Street Style Slams Compilation

00:24:19 Dog Fight to Prevent The Stand Up

00:26:25 Dog Fight Options

00:33:41 Dog Fight Counter

00:39:44 10p Bergen – NAGA 2019 Highlight

00:43:13 Quarter Guard

00:45:24 Warmups E1 – Quarter Guard

00:55:35 Chris Hendrick 10p Woodbridge – Finishers Open 2

01:01:02 Warmups E2 – Quarter Guard

01:09:14 Warmups E3 – Quarter Guard

01:14:22 Warmups E4 – Quarter Guard

01:16:00 Playing The Inside Game And Playing Legs Is Similar

01:18:39 Warmups E4 – Quarter Guard continued

01:28:15 Student Learns To Mop The Mats (Kind Of)

  • Travis Cole

    That slams compilation is rough

  • Reality Loser

    They didn’t show the kid who tried a belly to belly suplex and died after landing on his own head.

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