MTS 167 Lockdown Entries

Table of Contents

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:06:45 Lockdown

00:08:16 Lockdown Basics

00:10:16 Lockdown Entries – Zelda

00:13:16 Alex Magala Onnit Invitational 10 Match

00:17:35 Black Mamba

00:21:22 Lockdown Entries – Shin to Shin

00:28:48 Kneebar Wizard Kyle Chambers – Combat Jiu Jitsu 2019 Middleweights – Bmac Breakdown

00:37:45 Lockdown Entries – Weak Leg Lock

00:41:55 Z-Shoot, Pull, Half Suplex, Lockdown

00:48:57 Kyle Boehm Black Belt Promotion – 10p Phoenix

00:52:39 Super Stomp – Shin to Shin

01:00:53 10p Oceanside Crew

01:03:07 Plata Clinch

01:05:21 Ben Eddy – Breathing Technique

01:06:23 Warmups D1 with 10p Hobart

01:11:25 Warmups D2 with 10p Hobart

01:16:13 Center Line & Back Exposure Concepts – Sean Applegate 10p Atlanta

01:21:46 Warmups D3 with 10p Hobart

01:26:49 Warmups D4 with 10p Hobart

MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown

MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown Warmups C

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MTS 165 100 Percent Revisited

100%, Warmups B

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MTS 164 Lockdown / Lockdrag

Lockdrag, Lockdown, Warmups A

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MTS 163 Lockdown From The Top

Warmups H, Open Guards, Arm Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, lockdown from top

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MTS 162 X Break Meets Vaporizer

Vaporizer Warmups G

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MTS 161 New Lockdown Path

MTS 161 Warmups F New Lockdown Path

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MTS 160 Perfect Dog Fight

Warmups E, Dog Fight, Suplex Street Slams

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MTS 159 Mexican Dead Orchard

Warmups – Standing Passes, mexican dead orchard

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