MTS 42: Hub & Tug

  • 00:14 – Eddie Cuts Swedish Seminar in half
  • 03:21 – Joe gets deep tissue
  • 11:35 – HQ Warm Ups Series B
  • 19:36 – 10th Planet East Coast 8 Man Tourney Match 3
  • 26:26 – Brent Alvarez Teaches The Knee Bar From Top Half Guard
  • 35:46 – BASSNECTAR “timestrech” (SMOKE SERPENT/RENHOLDER remix)
  • 40:35 – 10th Planet East Coast 8 Man Tourney Match 4
  • 41:34 – Prison Guard From Perfect Double Under Hooks / Lockdown
  • 54:13 – Legends of the UFC with Joe Rogan Part 2
  • 01:05:43 – Prison Guard Philosophy
  • 01:13:04 – Eddie Rolls in Chicago
  • TheStockPhenom

    Great video thanks for everything… from your Fresno, Ca student

  • Eddie Bravo

    My pleasure 🙂

  • Sean M Casual Ninja

    Liking the way Brent finishes his kneebars

  • Harleycasto

    I train under Brent at Art of War in Eugene OR, he is an awesome teacher. He has done that knee bar on me many times, it works great. 🙂

  • Chris Silk

    Prison Guard shit…. is the shit!

  • @jiujitsu_jedi

    Sic knee lock! I am going to practice that tomorrow night! Thank you!

  • Miller Williams

    if these videos were on Vimeo or some equivalent it would make skipping to a certain spot a lot easier… just a suggestion. Lovin it, though.

    • Humguy

      it is frustrating to skip around.

  • Andrew Boulanger

    Eddie loving the videos. I’m teaching some guys in my troop the 10th planet way. Can’t wait to get back to the states and get my belt from you guys.

  • Humguy

    Laughin my ass off! “we’re not doing jujitsu right now youre just ouching my knee”

  • Felix Barre

    who does he say to look at at 70:50?

  • sage

    The intro was fucking brilliant lol

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