MTS 132 Heel Hook From The Lockdown

00:02:14 10p HQ Intro

00:03:26 Throwing elbows off the back in MMA

00:06:34 Tony Ferguson winning Interim Lightweight UFC belt

00:12:43 Warmups C1 – Pressure Passes

00:13:58 Warmups C2 – Pressure Passes

00:15:19 Warmups C3 – Pressure Passes 

00:17:48 Warmups C4 – Pressure Passes

00:19:14 Flying Ushiro – Eric Ramey Flow

00:21:18 Nathan Orchard – 10th Planet Portland

00:22:50 Standing Ankle Pick

00:25:32 On Passing

00:32:43 Perfect Twister Side Control

00:48:32 Nathan Orchard – Iranian 2-on-1 to single leg to back take

00:53:49 Jamming up the Fruit Rollup

01:03:42 Nathan Orchard Archery and EBI 13 Countdown Excerpt

01:09:33 Warmups C1 – Pressure Passes

01:10:54 Warmups C2 – Pressure Passes

01:11:49 Warmups C3 – Pressure Passes 

01:14:22 Warmups C4 – Pressure Passes 

01:15:45 Flying Ushiro – Eric Ramey Flow

01:17:49 Perfect swim, spiderweb, arm crush

01:36:25 Arm triangle from the bottom

01:46:31 Inside heel hook from the lockdown

01:54:17 Nathan Orchard EBI 13 Behind the Scenes

  • battaile

    Throwing elbows off the back sholuld be 3:26 instead of 2:26

  • Jason Breedlove

    Is the Apollo the same as the arm triangle from the bottom with lock down?

    • Prince Randorson


  • Mason Temiquel

    Hey are there submissions you can get from the bicep slicer position??

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