MTS 156 Rubber Guard: The Pyramid

00:02:14 Luis Quinones Shows Warmups A
00:10:52 10p Decatur Profile – Matt Skaff
00:20:25 Twister Strategy
00:22:50 Guard Strategy
00:30:14 Dealing With The Stack In Rubberguard
00:41:26 Half Full To Rubber Guard Live Drills
00:42:41 10p santa fe profile
00:44:13 Pyramid
00:48:59 Choices From Pyramid
00:53:40 10p cancun nathan orchard
00:55:56 Front Headlock To Back Series – Luis Quinones
00:56:20 Throw By Takedown
00:57:21 Duck Under Takedown
00:59:04 Front Headlock
01:02:29 Reinforced One-On-One – Over Hook Reinforced Grip Fighting
01:07:38 15 classes in 5 days at 10pHQ
01:22:25 Reinforced One-On-One – Under Hook Reinforced Grip Fighting
01:26:43 One-On-One From Wrestling
01:28:06 Knee Tap Detail
01:29:40 Darce Off One-On-One Option
01:34:09 Kimura Trap From Flat Mode

  • B. Nogueras


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