MTS 158 Rubber Guard Ultra Stomp

Table of Contents

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:43 High In High School

00:04:50 Crying My Way Out Of A DUI

00:05:55 1980s Hollywood Music Party Scene

00:10:28 Butterfly Sweeps To Half Guard

00:22:34 ADCC Trials Vlog Training with 10th Planet

00:36:38 Lockdown Options

00:38:33 Ultra Stomp

00:40:42 Purple Haze – Hazelett / Carni

00:47:50 3 Points Of Control

00:54:37 Conspiracy Theory 10p Is the Best No Gi Team

00:55:35 Combat Jiu Jitsu Breakdown – Ben Eddy’s Hindulotine with Brandon McCaghren

00:59:34 Warmups C1 – Pressure Passes

01:06:54 Warmups C2 – Pressure Passes

01:19:07 Warmups C3 – Pressure Passes

01:25:20 Arm Crush

01:28:58 Warmups C4 – Pressure Passes

01:36:15 10pHQ Blue Belt Jack Story

01:37:00 10pQ CJJW 2019 Jesus “Chuy” Urbina

  • iHearAmericaSnoring

    That super stomp is considered reaping in “traditional” rules right?

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