MTS 163 Lockdown From The Top

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:04:21 Arm Triangle

00:12:04 Shinya Aoki Meets The Twister

00:14:09 Arm Triangle Continued

00:17:53 Isosceles Triangle

00:29:55 Marvin Castelle, Jeremiah Vance, Chito Vera in Class

00:31:32 Mount Variations and Details

00:34:52 Talking Combat Jiu Jitsu

00:44:30 Intro to Warmups H Class

00:46:43 Conspiracy Talk

00:53:41 Warmups H1 – Open Guards

00:55:25 Warmups H2 – Open Guards

00:59:15 Warmups H3 – Open Guards, Waiter Sweep

01:04:21 Warmups H4 – Open Guards, Invisible Collar Update

01:16:01 Breaker Flow

01:19:13 EBI Overtime Drills

MTS 169 Rubber Guard – The Pump

MTS 169 Rubber Guard The Pump Warmups F

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MTS 168 Twister Side to Vaporizer

MTS 168 Lockdown to Vaporizer Warmups E

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MTS 167 Lockdown Entries

MTS 167 Lockdown Entries Warmups D

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MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown

MTS 166 Maia vs Askren Breakdown Warmups C

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MTS 165 100 Percent Revisited

100%, Warmups B

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MTS 164 Lockdown / Lockdrag

Lockdrag, Lockdown, Warmups A

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MTS 162 X Break Meets Vaporizer

Vaporizer Warmups G

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MTS 161 New Lockdown Path

MTS 161 Warmups F New Lockdown Path

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